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Traditional dental bridges use two abutments that anchor the porcelain dental crown in place. These abutments are ‘caps’ that fit over the adjacent natural teeth. Sometimes, one adjacent natural tooth might not be adequate to hold an abutment, or it’s already being used as one, or for aesthetic reasons it should not be used as one. It used to be that dentists would use cantilever dental bridges, which used only one abutment.

You can discuss the option of a cantilever bridge with Dr. Jay Ajmo in Jupiter, FL. We do recommend an implant-supported bridge instead, which is more secure, stable, and will long longer. Implant-supported bridges have additional benefits that make them an option well worthwhile to explore.

Dr. Ajmo is a diplomate of the ICOI, ABOI, and ADIA. He holds a mastership from the Misch International Implant Institute and a master’s from the Rosenthal Institute. The Jupiter Dentistry facilities are state-of-the-art, with the best technology in order to provide the most accurate results and to make the procedures as comfortable as possible.

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Why Cantilever Bridges?

At one point in time, cantilever bridges made a lot of sense, when used in specific situations. For example, if the missing tooth was a lateral incisor or a premolar, one of the adjacent teeth might be a very visible one (such as the central incisor), where the use of an abutment would be less than ideal, and so a cantilever bridge would be used to secure a single crown.

A cantilever bridge may also be used as a temporary restoration, until a dental implant is placed. This is sometimes the case if a back tooth or several back teeth are missing.

The reason why cantilever bridges, if used at all today, tend to be temporary is because of the pressure they must withstand during chewing. They are more liable to damage and more likely to need early replacement.

By comparison, an implant-supported bridge benefits from the structural stability and durability of the dental implant. The implant’s fixture is placed into the jaw, where it integrates with the bone and acts much like a natural tooth root. Over 90 percent of all dental implants placed last over 15 years.

Implant-supported bridges are also better for your dental health. Dental bridges use abutments that cap over your teeth. This can make dental hygiene more difficult, whereas dental implants are easy to maintain — brush and floss twice a day, and schedule at least six-month checkups. Neither does the implant procedure require filing any of your other natural teeth.

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The Procedure and Commonly Combined Treatments

A full mouth reconstruction starts with the first consultation. We assess your dental health, looking for infections, considering your bone density, and determining a recommended procedure. Our goal is to restore you to full oral health and to provide you with a smile that is exactly to your standards.

What treatments are best to combine depends entirely on the unique characteristics of your own case. I cannot use real patient names, but the Jack is the name of a patient who needed to replace almost a full-arch of missing or badly eroded teeth. He was also suffering from periodontal disease, and his gum lines had lost their old shape. We combined laser dentistry, with tooth extractions and dental implants, for an amazing 180 degree turn in his appearance. He looked ten years younger, happier, and, for the first time in a long time, excited to show off his smile.

Know that no matter your dental problems, we can help you. We will find the right treatment that fits your needs and budget.

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A stunning smile that makes you feel confident, young, and fresh is priceless. Schedule your consultation with one of the most sought-out implant dentist offices in South Florida, Jupiter Dentistry.

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A stunning smile that makes you feel confident, young, and fresh is priceless.
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