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The full mouth reconstruction procedure is a holistic approach to your dental health. It aims to completely rejuvenate your smile by restoring every aspect of your oral wellbeing in a multi-procedure treatment. This treatment has changed the lives of many of our Jupiter patients by not only ensuring their health, but by providing them with a smile that makes them proud to show off. Being able to experience the emotions of joy and happiness our patients feel when they see the final results is one-of-a-kind and it’s why the Jupiter Dentistry team does what it does.

What makes a good candidate for a full mouth reconstruction? How do you know if this is the treatment for you?

We’ll answer that question here, but if you want to truly know what the best options available to you for your dental health then schedule your consultation with our team at our Jupiter office. Good dental health is the basis for healthy and happy living, so start your journey toward a stunning smile by calling us at 5612500995.

What Makes an Ideal Full Mouth Reconstruction Candidate?

The health of your teeth and mouth have implications beyond your oral wellbeing. Did you know that gum disease is associated with overall health problems like heart disease? Furthermore, studies have shown that bad oral health can impact our happiness and mental wellbeing; tooth loss is associated with anxiety and depression. It makes sense, doesn’t it? How can we be happy if we’re ashamed to smile?

A full mouth reconstruction is a comprehensive treatment plan, meaning that it can treat a wide variety of issues. Being a candidate for the treatment is not so much about your existing health, but the extent of the solutions needed to restore it.

A full mouth reconstruction may be right for you, if you are suffering from:
  • Missing or extensively decayed teeth
  • Tooth pain
  • Jawbone deterioration
  • Bleeding and receding gums

Health problems we can treat include gum disease, and we can restore the gum line to its original, youthful appearance to enhance the luster in your smile. Missing and decayed teeth can be replaced as well. We use porcelain ceramic e.max crowns to provide the strength of translucence of natural teeth, securing them with long-lasting dental implants. And we can end and restore problems caused by other health issues, such as bacterial infections and dental pains.

If you suffer from a number of oral health issues and you’re looking to resolve them in a comprehensive and effective way, then you may be a candidate for a full mouth reconstruction.

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The results we can help you achieve are truly spectacular. We encourage you to visit us and ask for photographic case studies of what other patients have achieved with the full mouth reconstruction treatment. It is an understatement to say that you will find the results absolutely stunning.

Put your dental health in the hands of one of South Florida’s top dental teams. Led by Dr. Joseph Russo and Dr. Jay Ajmo, the staff at Jupiter Dentistry in Jupiter, FL is highly trained, experienced, and skilled. We are known for our unwavering standard of excellence.

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The Procedure and Commonly Combined Treatments

A full mouth reconstruction starts with the first consultation. We assess your dental health, looking for infections, considering your bone density, and determining a recommended procedure. Our goal is to restore you to full oral health and to provide you with a smile that is exactly to your standards.

What treatments are best to combine depends entirely on the unique characteristics of your own case. I cannot use real patient names, but the Jack is the name of a patient who needed to replace almost a full-arch of missing or badly eroded teeth. He was also suffering from periodontal disease, and his gum lines had lost their old shape. We combined laser dentistry, with tooth extractions and dental implants, for an amazing 180 degree turn in his appearance. He looked ten years younger, happier, and, for the first time in a long time, excited to show off his smile.

Know that no matter your dental problems, we can help you. We will find the right treatment that fits your needs and budget.

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A stunning smile that makes you feel confident, young, and fresh is priceless. Schedule your consultation with one of the most sought-out implant dentist offices in South Florida, Jupiter Dentistry.

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A stunning smile that makes you feel confident, young, and fresh is priceless.
Schedule your consultation with one of the most sought-out implant dentists in South Florida, Dr. Jay Ajmo. Call 5612500995.
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