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A full mouth reconstruction is a remarkable procedure in how it can completely electrify and rejuvenate your smile. These stunning results all stem from the comprehensive consultation, which is the basis for the rest of the treatment. We hold ourselves and our work to the highest standard of excellence, and developing the most precise and effective treatment plan to deliver results that exceed your expectation starts with planning.

If you’re ready to start your journey to a new, stunning, youthful smile, contact our Jupiter, FL practice today to schedule your consultation. Meet our skilled dental team and our doctors, and see the spectacular results we’ve helped others achieve with a full mouth reconstruction.

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The Comprehensive Consultation

We want you to meet us and the team. We want to introduce you to our facilities. Your health and comfort are our priority and we endeavor to make your experience as positive as possible. You aren’t just a patient, you’re a human being who’s making an important decision to invest in your health and wellbeing. You will see that your smile is in the best possible hands, in the care of the highly trained, experienced, and skilled staff at Jupiter Dentistry.

Next, your oral health is comprehensively accounted for. This may include using low-radiation digital x-rays and 3D scans to build a precise model of your teeth, gums, and jaws. We use the latest state-of-the-art technologies to get an incredibly accurate picture of your oral anatomy, giving us the ability to know exactly what we need to do to deliver the results you expect.

Using this data, we will present you with a treatment plan. Each step will be explained in full and we’ll use x-ray images to show you exactly what we’re referring to, so that you are absolutely confident in the treatment.

You will also have the chance to see photographs of other full mouth reconstruction patients’ smiles, so that you can see our standard of artistry for yourself and know exactly the gorgeous results you can expect. We will show you examples depending on the specifics of your treatment plan, so that you can see how the individual components result before agreeing to them. You are highly encouraged to ask for as many case studies as you deem necessary.

Your Comfort Guaranteed

Like we said, your visit to Jupiter Dentistry is not just an appointment. It’s an experience, and we want it to be an excellent one. We offer various spa-like amenities and make available soft, warm blankets for those who easily get cold.

Furthermore, for those who suffer anxiety or otherwise tend to be nervous at the dentist’s, we offer aromatherapy and IV sedation. Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine that helps calm your mood and relax you, used in cases where the anxiety is mild. If you suffer from dental phobia, IV sedation is a safe, effective way of getting the dental care you need without the stress and worry.

During your visit, if there is absolutely anything we can do for you to make your experience better, let a member of our staff know. We are here to serve you.

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Being proud of your smile, there’s nothing like it in the world. Being able to grin without feeling ashamed brings happiness and confidence, it can totally change a life. Start your journey toward a stunning, younger smile today.

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3d scan dental technology
3d scan dental x-rays

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The health of your gums matters. Gum disease is associated with overall health problems like heart disease and diabetes. Furthermore, gum disease can spread and worsen, leading to gum recession and even tooth loss. Take care of your gums, it’s worth it.

Furthermore, this day in age there is absolutely no reason to put up with an appearance that you are not happy with. Dental medicine has advanced so far, and we have so many treatments that improve the accuracy of results and reduce the invasiveness of the treatment, making it possible for a wider base of patients to enjoy great dental health and a magnificent smile.

If you suffer from dental anxiety or phobia, a common condition that affects most Americans, we offer sedation dentistry. Dr. Ajmo is board certified in IV sedation, which is safe, effective, and remarkable in the way it can help you relax and enjoy your treatment in comfort.

Schedule your consultation with us, visit our state-of-the-art facilities, and meet the staff. There’s no risk in exploring your options. Call 5612500995.

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