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Imagine if you could bring your gums to health and restore their appearance painlessly. It used to be that we would use traditional dental tools to help bring you gum line down and rejuvenate it, and certainly this procedure is still available. At Jupiter Dentistry, we have an alternative: the Biolase® ezlase.™

Virtually painless, safe, and effective, the Biolase is just what you imagine it to be: a state-of-the-art procedure that accomplish all the work you need without the pain and discomfort associated with traditional procedures.

Of course, this treatment can be combined with IV sedation dentistry, in which Dr. Jay Ajmo is board certified. This can help make your visit as comfortable and relaxed as necessary, in the case of dental anxiety or phobia.

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How it Can Reshape Your Gums

The Biolase ezlase can recontour your gums, means restoring the gum line to its natural position. There are health reasons for doing this, including covering exposed tooth roots which would otherwise be susceptible to damage and infection. Recontouring the gums will also improve your appearance, making your smile look healthier, fresher, and younger.
It can also be used to perform a frenectomy, which is a procedure to remove tissue that connects the lips to the gums. This tissue can often cause discomfort and it can also interfere with the smile’s appearance. A frenectomy solves both of these issues, while also improving your bite and eliminating the appearance of space between your two front teeth.

Ezlase can do so much more, including whiten your teeth in a much quicker and effective way than more traditional methods. It can also temporarily relieve pain, for example in the case of joint disorders like TMJ or TMD.

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Reasons why many of our Jupiter patients prefer the Biolase ezlase:
  • Minimally invasive;
  • Virtually painless;
  • Accelerated procedure;
  • Minimal collateral tissue damage;
  • Minimal post-op discomfort.


Your dental health should not be held hostage by your wallet. We will work with you to get the dental you need.

We offer several financing options, including some zero-interest plans for qualifying patients. We also encourage you to ask us if your insurance covers the treatment. It’s worth exploring your options, because the results and the relative comfort of the treatment are priceless.
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The health of your gums matters. Gum disease is associated with overall health problems like heart disease and diabetes. Furthermore, gum disease can spread and worsen, leading to gum recession and even tooth loss. Take care of your gums, it’s worth it.

Furthermore, this day in age there is absolutely no reason to put up with an appearance that you are not happy with. Dental medicine has advanced so far, and we have so many treatments that improve the accuracy of results and reduce the invasiveness of the treatment, making it possible for a wider base of patients to enjoy great dental health and a magnificent smile.

If you suffer from dental anxiety or phobia, a common condition that affects most Americans, we offer sedation dentistry. Dr. Ajmo is board certified in IV sedation, which is safe, effective, and remarkable in the way it can help you relax and enjoy your treatment in comfort.

Schedule your consultation with us, visit our state-of-the-art facilities, and meet the staff. There’s no risk in exploring your options.

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