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A missing tooth can be replaced by a porcelain crown, which are shaped, colored, and sized to the exact specifications needed to fit and enhance your smile. The question is, how are porcelain crowns secured in place? This is the purpose of the dental bridge.

Continue reading to learn more about traditional bridges, how they work, and how they compare to alternative restoration procedures.

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Traditional Dental Bridges: How They Work & Their Benefits

A missing tooth can cause several health problems. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Drifting — where your teeth begin to move and create spaces between each other;
  • Bacterial infection — gaps make for food traps, and trapped food is used by bacteria to create acid and infect your dental, gum, and bone tissues;
  • Functionality limitations — a missing tooth can affect your speech, and it can mean giving up some of your favorite foods.
  • Bone loss — your teeth and their roots help stimulate bone regeneration in the jaw, and when this process is interrupted by the loss of that tooth root then the jaw begins to recede. This can lead to premature aging.

A dental bridge is a device that helps to hold a dental crown, or the replacement tooth, securely in place.

The traditional dental bridge uses two abutments, made from the same material as the crown, that cover the adjacent teeth like caps. These abutments are attached to the replacement tooth and secure it.

Using a traditional bridge can help stop drifting. However, because they do not replace the tooth root, they cannot help against bone loss and they oftentimes make oral hygiene more difficult than otherwise, canceling out health advantages related to a lower risk of infection.

As an alternative, Dr. Ajmo highly recommends implant-supported bridges. Like with the traditional bridge, an e.max porcelain crown is used. These are translucent, look brilliant, and are virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Rather than using an abutment, this type of bridge uses a dental implant. The advantages of the implant include the same ones of the traditional bridge, with the additional benefit of enhanced durability and strength — restoring a wider range of functionality. They also replace the tooth root, keeping the jawbone strong and healthy, and they are easy to take care of, reducing the risk of infection.

Using a Prettau bridge, which are made of zirconia — the strongest restorative material available in dentistry right now —, we can even replace a full-arch of teeth using dental implants, in a procedure known as Teeth Next Day. The Prettau bridge is stain resistant and amazingly durable, making it hard to chip and damage. To you, this means a longer lasting smile and spectacular results that you can continue to enjoy for years and years to come.

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How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

The price of treatment and product can vary. Oftentimes, price also varies with the results you expect. You may be able to find cheap over-the-counter products, but the value they provide in return is liable to be lacking. Doing it wrong the first time may end up costing you over the long-run, as you experiment and find yourself simply buying more products than you would have otherwise.

We encourage you to visit us, ask us about your options and their cost, and let us help you make a decision that is best balanced for you.

Am I a Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Most patients who have yellowed teeth are candidates for teeth whitening. Sometimes patients suffer from chronic sensitivity, periodontal disease, or damaged enamel, and some options may be recommended over others. We highly recommend that cavities and gum disease be treated before using a teeth whitening product.

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Even something as simple as teeth whitening can make such a great difference in your life. A white, brilliant smile is like night and day compared to a yellowed one. It can make you feel complete different, better and refreshed.

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