Full-Arch Implants | Dental Procedure | Permanent Implants

According to the American Dental Association, tooth loss is a common dental problem among adults in the United States. If you are just missing one or two teeth that are far from each other, regular dental implants will serve you best. Yet, if you are lacking a complete row of teeth, a full-arch implant will give you the most benefits. Here’s what you need to know about the teeth next day procedure that will give you full-arch implants.

The Process

Like any dental procedure, you will go through a consultation with your dental specialist first. During this process, you will meet the staff and see the clinic. Your dental surgeon will have the chance to know you and your needs during this stage. The dental team will take digital scans and 3-D images of your mouth, face, and jaw. When the results come out, you and your specialist can discuss your custom treatment plan. The said plan will consist of any bone or sinus enhancement you may need. After preparing everything for the procedure, you will go through dental surgery.

You will undergo sedation once you’re ready. Your dental surgeon will then numb your mouth. The surgical procedures including extractions and the installation of your dental implants will then take place. After the procedure, you can return to your home to get some rest. You can take over-the-counter medications for your pain. Overnight, your dental surgeon’s team will complete the improvements to fit your new dental implants.

The following morning, you see your specialist again. Your surgeon will place your new smile permanently in your mouth. At the same time, your dental specialist can make the necessary adjustments.

The Choices

Below are the available choices for your full-arch implant procedure:

  • Hybrid (Half-Fixed or Half-Denture). Another name for this procedure is “screw-retained denture”. This option gives you the highest level of stability. Your surgeon places this on at least five implants and secures it with clasps or screws. This is a permanent type of denture that only your dental surgeon can remove. You can clean under this denture when your dentist removes it because it doesn’t touch your gums.

  • Ball Attachment. Your dentist places two dental implants in your jaw. The denture attaches to these two implants, making the denture better than a traditional one. You will still experience mild movement. There will also be sore spots if food particles get stuck between the denture and your gums.

  • Bar Attachment. Experts also refer to this as overdentures. The process of having these dentures includes attaching four to six dental implants in your jaw. A custom-fit support bar connects your implants. Then, internal retention clips connect to the support bar. This available option is removable for maintenance and cleaning.

Full-arch implants are the most optimal way of getting a brand-new smile after just one day. At Jupiter Dentistry, we can provide you a new smile and even a new life in 24 hours. You can visit our clinic in Jupiter, Florida, for a one-on-one consultation. Please call us at 561-250-0995 if you want to schedule an appointment or make inquiries about our teeth next day packages.