Nanoceramic Implant Bridge in Jupiter, FL

Jupiter Dentistry is proud to offer the newest technological breakthrough in implant-supported bridgework, the nanoceramic implant bridge! It’s custom-milled and infused with a specialized resin, giving it slight flexibility to mimic a tooth’s natural flex while chewing. The bridge is also bonded to a strong Trilor framework with a slight flexure. This places less stress on the dental implants and results in fewer implant failures.

The nanoceramic implant bridge is generally supported by six implants and delivered just two days after the extraction and implant surgery. It combines incredible strength, unparalleled aesthetics, and permanent results.

Before Trilor, many full-arch substructures were milled from titanium. The material’s stiffness resulted in undesired chewing forces to the implant. The nanoceramic implant bridge flexes in the mouth and transfers less shock on the implant. Its gentle shock-absorbing characteristics eliminate the heavy clacking people typically experience with zirconia restorations. It also won’t wear out the natural teeth on the opposing arch! The Nanoceramic Bridge flexure is critical for the placement of a permanent restoration on implants two days after the surgery.

Dentures made from nanoceramic materials.

How Are They Made?

While you’re recovering from dental implant surgery, our master lab technicians will be hard at work crafting your nanoceramic implant bridge. Each bridge is shaped and shaded to give a natural look and feel. In just two days, we will have custom-designed and digitally milled your nanoceramic implant bridge.

Delivering the Nanoceramic Bridge

Two days after placing your implants, we’ll then securely bond your permanent nanoceramic implant bridge. We’ll ensure a perfect fit and a perfect look so you can feel and look incredible. Come back to our office for several visits so we can make sure you’re healing properly and that the teeth are comfortable.

For the first few months, we’ll ask you to eat only soft foods so the implants can integrate properly. You should be able to eat anything you’d like once the healing period is over. Confidently meet people face-to-face and enjoy your new beautiful smile!

Are You Interested in Sedation for Your Implant Surgery?

We’ll keep you relaxed during your surgery by administering a sedative intravenously. This will put you in a twilight stage and keep you unaware of the procedure and your surroundings. You won’t remember anything about the treatment with IV sedation, and you won’t experience any discomfort. We’ll give you an effective pain reliever through the IV line toward the end of the surgery, plus additional medication for when you get home.

Want to Learn More About Teeth Next Day®?

We’re excited to meet new patients and show them the wonders of Teeth Next Day®. Come to Jupiter Dentistry if you’ve been neglecting your smile. We’re happy to help you schedule a complimentary consultation.

Complimentary Consultation or 2nd Opinion

- Exam
- Full Mouth X-Ray
- Digital Smile Imaging
- Private Consultation with Doctor ($350 value)
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